About FUN

FUN is an international organization that is focused on neuroscience education and research at the undergraduate level. FUN’s members and supporters include businesses and organizations; private liberal arts colleges, state and research university departments and programs; and individual faculty and students, all sharing a common interest in undergraduate neuroscience.  Our partners include:
Our Mission
  • Enhancing undergraduate participation in research and the presentation of research at the SFN meeting
  • Disseminating innovations in undergraduate neuroscience education
  • Recognizing excellence in undergraduate neuroscience education
  • Developing national and regional networks that enhance undergraduate neuroscience education and research and faculty development
Our mission is made possible through the generous support of our individual members, organizational members, and contributing members.  In particular the generous support of the companies and institutions who are contributing members make our Travel Award progam possible.

2016 Undergraduate Travel Award Applications

Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) welcomes dues-paying members of FUN to sponsor nominees for a FUN Undergraduate Student Travel Award. The award offers aid for expenses associated with attending the Society for Neuroscience 2016 meeting for an undergraduate student who is presenting a poster at the main SfN meeting.

Applications are due on Friday, May 20, 2016. Instructions for the online application and judging criteria are available here.


Equipment Loan Winners for 2015

We are very pleased announce that this year's Equipment Loan Program awardees have been determined.

The Equipment Loan Program was established in 2009 to help provide new investigators with access to resources to help them begin to grow and develop their research and pedagogical programs.

With the support from several vendors we have been able to provide over twenty awards to members of the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience. We had a record number of applications this year and we are very pleased to announce that we have SEVEN award recipients this year!

This year the following members have received Equipment Loan Program Awards for the 2015-2016 cycle:

  • Karen Parfitt, Pomona College "Treatment of learning and memory deficits with a fragment of secreted APPα in a mouse model of Alzheimer's" Award: A 2-year loan of an Any-maze Tracking System from San Diego Instruments
  • Erin Clabough, Hampden-Sydney College "Detection of Motor Abnormalities in a Chronic, Mild Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Model in Swiss Webster Mice" Award: A 2-year loan of a Roto-Rod Motor Skill Measurement System from San Diego Instruments
  • Elizabeth Becker, Saint Joseph’s University "Influence of Early Life Exposure to Prozac on Neurodevelopment and the Reparative Role of Oxytocin Treatment in the California Mouse" Award: A 2-year loan of a Place Preference System from San Diego Instruments
  • Lauren A. Makuch, Ursinus College "Establishing a Behavioral Neuroscience Research Methods Course in Undergraduate Curriculum" Award: A 2-year loan of a SR-LAB Startle Response System from San Diego Instruments
  • Annaliese Beery, Smith College "Stress and Sociality: Effects of environment on heart rate and heart rate variability in social voles" Award: A 2-year loan of a DSI Implantable Telemetry System from Data Sciences International
  • Abigail Kerr, Illinois Wesleyan University "Mechanisms of compensatory limb use following stroke: The role of the neurovascular niche in functional outcome" Award: A 2-year loan of a Nikon Eclipse E400 Microscope System from Nikon Instruments
  • Divya Sitarama, University of San Diego "Dopaminergic circuits underlying sleep and behavioral arousal in Drosophila" Award: A 1-year loan of an EthoVision XT Software with additional modules and CCD camera from Noldus Instruments
We are very grateful to the following Friends of FUN; without their support this program would not be possible:

ADInstruments (http://www.adinstruments.com/)
Data Sciences International (DSI, http://www.datasci.com/)
Kinder Scientific (http://www.kinderscientific.com/)
Nikon Microscopy (http://www.nikoninstruments.com/Products/Light-Microscope-Systems)
Noldus Information Technology (http://www.noldus.com/)
San Diego Instruments (http://www.sandiegoinstruments.com/)

The next call for proposals will occur in late Spring, 2016. For more information about the Equipment Loan Program, please check out the ELP webpage (http://www.funfaculty.org/drupal/Equipment_Loan).
If you have any questions at all about the Equipment Loan Program, feel free to contact the ELP Committee Chair (Jeff Smith) at jsmith12@svsu.edu.
 FUN Supported Programs
The Journal of Underdergraduate Neuroscience Education (JUNE) is a publication of the Faculty of Undergraduate Neuroscience.  JUNE is an online journal for undergraduate neuroscience faculty that publishes peer-reviewed reports of innovations in undergraduate neuroscience education. JUNE serves as a mechanism for faculty to exchange information regarding topics such as laboratory exercises, new media, curricular considerations, and teaching methods.
  Nu Rho Psi is the National Honor Society in Neuroscience, founded in 2006 by the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience.
  The SOMAS-URM (Support Of Mentors And their Students from UnderRepresented Minorities) program supports the research of junior faculty and students from predominantly undergraduate institutions.
Educational Resources in Neuroscience, an online database of teaching resources for higher education in neuroscience. 


Congratulations again to our 2015 Student Travel Award Winners and 2015 Faculty Award Winners!

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