New FUN website has launched

As of February 10, 2020 the new FUN website has launched!!  Here are details on resetting your password to login, on updating your profile, and on joining the FUN listserv.

As of February 10, 2020 the new FUN website has launched!!

Hope you're enjoying the new look--and that you'll soon be enjoying the much smoother functionality for working with the FUN website.  It should be much easier now to join, renew your dues, submit applications for various FUN programs, and more. 

How do I login? 

  • Your account info has been migrated to the new system but your password was securely stored and could not be transferred to the new system.  So, to login you'll need to reset your password on this system.  Just fill out the password reset form here:

Please check your profile and preferences:

With the transition to the new website, we are asking members to review their profiles.  In particular:
  • The new website (finally) supports international addresses and phone numbers.  However, because the old website did not record this information, details on our internaitonal members did not alway import properly.  Please especially check your state/province, mailing code, country, and phone number.  These often ended up set to defaults (e.g. 11111 for mailing code) and country was often set to Ontario Canada!
  • We were missing join dates for many members in the old system.  Please take a moment to check yours--if it is missing or doesn't make sense, update it (to the best of your memory).  We'd love to get this cleaned up so that we can go back to celebrating membership anniverseries.
  • Check your preferences for your listing in the directory.
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