FUN 2020 SVM


A Special FUN 2020 Summer Virtual Meeting:

Teaching, Learning, and Mentoring Across Distances

 To be held ONLINE

Thursday July 30 - Saturday August 1, 2020


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FUN will hold a summer virtual meeting to bring together our community at this critical moment in higher education.  As you know, the 2020 FUN Workshop at Davidson College was cancelled due to public health concerns.  This summer virtual meeting will focus on neuroscience teaching tools for distance education and strategies for meeting the present challenges. There will also be an optional sattelite session for a Core Development Workshop (see below).

A complete schedule is posted below. Some highlights include:
  • A Keynote address by Dr. Mays Imad, Ph. D., author of ‘10 strategies to support students and help them learn during the coronavirus crisis’ and ‘Seven recommendations for helping students thrive in times of trauma’ in Inside Higher Ed.
  • Demonstrations of online neuroscience laboratory exercises and lessons
  • Talks focused on remote teaching and learning strategies and experiences
  • A virtual “what works” poster session
  • Moderated discussions on topics related to:
  • How to promote inclusivity and student success in distance education
  • How to prioritize and achieve learning objectives in the current context
  • Hosted socials for in informal networking and small-group discussions
  • A Core Development Workshop, held as an optional sattelite session just before the opening of the regular conference (see below)

Questions about FUN’s Summer Virtual Meeting?

Email co-chairs Alo Basu ( and/or Jason Chan (

Preliminary Schedule

FUN Satellite Session: Core Concepts Workshop

Several scientific disciplines have identified undergraduate educational core concepts for their respective fields.  These core concepts are tremendously useful in curriculum development and assessment. Neuroscience has yet to construct such a list.  A group of FUN members conducted a nationwide survey to solicit suggestions for core concepts in undergraduate neuroscience education from neuroscience educators.  The methodology and results of this survey, and a preliminary list of core concepts, will be presented for additional discussion and feedback in a satellite session. 
This working session will provide neuroscience educators an opportunity to critically discuss the preliminary core concepts, including overlap in core concepts, revisions to core concepts, and missing core concepts.  If interested in attending, please submit your contact information at the registration link below.  The preliminary list of core concepts and a Zoom session link will be sent to registered participants one week prior to the working session.   
Date:  Thursday, July 30, 2020 
Time:  12:00pm-3:00pm (Eastern Time)