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CALL FOR APPLICATION:  2018 Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Travel Awards.


Applications for The Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) Undergraduate Research Travel Awards to the 2018 Society for Neuroscience Meeting in San Diego, CA are now being accepted through May 10, 2018 at 8 PM EDT/5 PM PDT.

Information about the award: The awards offer up to $750 in aid for travel and attendance expenses associated with attending the Society for Neuroscience 2018 meeting for students who are presenting posters at the main SFN meeting. All student award travel award applications must have a faculty sponsor who is a dues-paying member of FUN. 

The student must be an author on the abstract and present research that results from studies conducted while an undergraduate.  It is not necessary that the student be enrolled as an undergraduate at the time of the SFN fall meeting.  Students are eligible if the work was done as a graduating senior the previous year. However, students who have previously won a FUN travel award may not reapply.

A panel of FUN members judges the award applications.  The judging criteria focus on the student’s contribution to the project, the importance and originality of the project, and the candidate’s potential in science.  Preference is given to students who are first author on the abstract.

How to apply:

Applications must be submitted online by the faculty sponsor as a single PDF document.  Please go to the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience website (www.funfaculty.org) to apply and upload the following documents:

  1. The abstract submitted to the Society for Neuroscience (due to SfN by May 3rd).  The student must be an author on the abstract and present research results from studies conducted while an undergraduate. 
  2. A statement by the student candidate indicating the scientific importance of the project, the candidate’s contribution to the project (including an estimation of the amount of time spent on it), and the relevance of this research experience to the candidate’s career plans. (Two page maximum)
  3. The student’s CV/resume. The CV/resume should include any other research-related activities.
  4. A statement by the student’s faculty sponsor.  This statement should clearly identify the specific contributions the student candidate has made, especially in the case of multiple student authors.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Ronald Bayline at [email protected].

FUN is an international organization that is focused on neuroscience education and research at the undergraduate level. FUN’s members and supporters include businesses and organizations; private liberal arts colleges, state and research university departments and programs; and individual faculty and students, all sharing a common interest in undergraduate neuroscience.  Our partners include:
Our Mission
  • Enhancing undergraduate participation in research and the presentation of research at the SFN meeting
  • Disseminating innovations in undergraduate neuroscience education
  • Recognizing excellence in undergraduate neuroscience education
  • Developing national and regional networks that enhance undergraduate neuroscience education and research and faculty development
Our mission is made possible through the generous support of our individual members, organizational members, and contributing members.  In particular the generous support of the companies and institutions who are contributing members make our Travel Award progam possible.








The Journal of Underdergraduate Neuroscience Education (JUNE) is a publication of the Faculty of Undergraduate Neuroscience.  JUNE is an online journal for undergraduate neuroscience faculty that publishes peer-reviewed reports of innovations in undergraduate neuroscience education. JUNE serves as a mechanism for faculty to exchange information regarding topics such as laboratory exercises, new media, curricular considerations, and teaching methods.
  Nu Rho Psi is the National Honor Society in Neuroscience, founded in 2006 by the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience.
  The SOMAS-URM (Support Of Mentors And their Students from UnderRepresented Minorities) program supports the research of junior faculty and students from predominantly undergraduate institutions.
Educational Resources in Neuroscience, an online database of teaching resources for higher education in neuroscience. 










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