About FUN

The History of FUN

At the 1991 Society for Neuroscience (SFN) annual meeting, the idea of an organization dedicated to neuroscience teaching and research was conceived during an informal discussion between Julio Ramirez (Davidson College), Dennison Smith (Oberlin College), Sally Fruitiger (Dennison University), and Steve George (Amherst College). In October 1992, Ramirez described the organization to the Education Committee of SFN. The SFN agreed to sponsor meetings for the young society at the annual SFN meeting. FUN has held annual meetings in conjunction with the annual SFN meeting ever since.

FUN represents the voice of undergraduate neuroscience within both the Association of Neuroscience Departments and Programs (ANDP) and the SFN. Through the lobbying efforts of the early membership, and with the assistance of then- ANDP president Jim Blankenship, FUN is invited to participate in ANDP’s executive committee. The ANDP also included undergraduate neuroscience programs in their directory.

In partnership with Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL), FUN has brought faculty together from across the country—to discuss, develop, and refine undergraduate neuroscience education through symposia at Davidson College (1995) Oberlin College (1998), Trinity College (2001), Macalester College (2005 & 2008), and Pomona College (2011). Each year, a growing number of undergraduates choose to include neuroscience coursework as part of their college education. Undergraduate major and minor programs continue to increase in popularity, and research-based curricula are a common expectation for prospective students. FUN provides an array of resources for faculty, and sponsors student travel awards and a poster session so that the best and brightest of undergraduate researchers can both attend and present work at the SFN annual meeting.

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