Neuroscience research technician

Job Type: 
University of North Carolina Wilmington

The research technician will work independently and in collaboration with other lab members to complete grant-funded experiments that investigate age-related neuroinflammation. This is a hands-on research position that requires animal handling and implementation of a variety of behavioral tests and molecular techniques (e.g., immunohistochemistry, confocal microscopy, ELISAs, stereotaxic surgery, PCR, western blots, and real-time PCR). Additionally, the position requires the collection and processing of data, maintaining organization of the lab, ordering of supplies, assisting with training and supervision of incoming students, and the ability to work and communicate effectively in a group environment and operate as part of a team to achieve the research objectives. Preference will be given to candidates with prior experience with animal handling and mouse husbandry, conducting rodent behavioral tests, genotyping, DNA and RNA purification, protein assays, rodent surgeries, histology, and immunohistochemistry. Prior experience with confocal microscope is desirable. Prior experience with maintaining inventory as well as handling of chemical reagents is preferred. Posting link: