FUN Newsletter - Editorial Policy

The Faculty for Undergraduate (FUN) welcomes the submission of articles for its weekly online newsletter.  The following types of contribution will be considered:

  • Editorial – an opinion piece on an issue or topic relevant to the advancement of FUN’s mission.
  • I wish I’d known then – advice you wish you’d been given related to teaching neuroscience, career development,  managing research or other topics relevant to FUN membership
  • Resource Pointers/Reviews – summary and review of a teaching resource you find useful (book, article, video, website, etc.)
  • Ask FUN – a question on which you seek feedback from the FUN community (e.g. grading dilemma, managing work-life balance, etc.)
  • And more... other submitted articles directly relevant to FUN membership are encouraged!

Submission guidelines.

  • Articles should be your original work and must comply to applicable copyright law.  This means that text, images, and other materials in your article must be either a) original, b) in the public domain, c) covered under fair use, or d) accompanied by permission from the copyright holder.  FUN takes no responsibility for assuring that your article meets copyright law, and will remove articles from the website found to violate copyright law. 
  • Submissions judged not directly relevant to FUN’s mission will be rejected.  It is the sole discretion of the newsletter editor and FUN executive council to determine relevance.
  • By submitting your article, you are agreeing to allow FUN to publish the article in any format and venue it sees fit.  This includes, but is not limited to, posting it to the FUN website, emailing it to members, including it in JUNE, and/or anthologizing it in some other published format. 
  • FUN does not guarantee that all submitted work will be published.  Nor does FUN guarantee a duration of publication—articles may be deleted from the website or newsletter at any time at the discretion of the newsletter editor and/or FUN executive council.
  • Articles posted to the FUN website will be available for comment by members in good standing.  FUN makes no guarantee on policing the content, tone, or appropriateness of comments.  However, if alerted to a content that violates the FUN communication policy, the webmaster will make a good-faith attempt to remove the comment within a reasonable time frame. 

Submission Instructions

  • Please submit your article via email to the current newsletter editor at [email protected].
  • Submissions should be in a common word-processing format (e.g. Open Office Writer, MSWord, rtf format, etc.). 
  • Submission should be brief, generally between 500-100 words.
  • Please carefully proofread before submitting, as there will be no copy-editing or proofing stage.
  • Avoid images unless absolutely necessary, as these may not present well in the online format.


The statements and opinions contained in newsletter articles are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of FUN.  FUN does not endorse, warranty, or approve of any products being reviewed or advertised in the newsletter.