Donate to FUN

Individuals and organizations frequently wish to support FUN's mission without formally joining. We welcome such donations.

Option 1: Mail a check directly to the FUN treasurer--simply send an email of intent to [email protected] and mail your check to:

David C. Jewett, PhD, FUN Treasurer
Department of Psychology, 254 Hibbard Hall
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
105 Garfield Avenue

Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004

Option 2: Donate via our PayPal account by clicing this yellow Donate button.  You do not need to register for an account on this website, nor on PayPal.  Once you click the Donate button you will be prompted for an amount.

Option 3:  Donate via the website.  If you have an account with the FUN website, simply log in, enter the amount desired in the form below, and click the grey "Donate" button at the bottom of this form to add your donation to your cart and begin the checkout process.

Minimum: $1.00
Maximum: $10,000.00