Pre-Faculty Member


This annual dues level is for grad students, post-docs and others interested in neuroscience education.  Please remember to switch to full membership when you change status.

Benefits: Affiliation with FUN, full privileges and listing on the FUN website (post news, syllabi, jobs, discussion board, etc.), subscription to weekly FUN newsletter, discounted member rate for FUN workshops, eligible for travel awards to present projects in neuroscience education/pedagogy (when available).

Section 4.  Pre-faculty members.  Pre-faculty members shall be graduate or post-doctoral students who have an interest in neuroscience education.  Pre-faculty members may participate in meetings, but may not vote or hold office.  Pre-faculty members are eligible to apply for travel awards when presenting in a project based on neuroscience education and pedagogy (when available).  Pre-faculty members should transition to full members when their training program is complete.  Undergraduate students are not eligible to join as pre-faculty members, but can join the FUN Facebook group and participate in FUN events.

Price: $20.00