Namesort icon Department Institution State All terms Roles E-mail
Acosta, Veronica Biology University of the Incarnate Word TX Developmental Neurobiology; Regeneration of the Nervous System; Stem Cell Biology Councilor, executive, Member, Webadmin [email protected]
Adleman, Nancy Department of Psychology The Catholic University of America DC adolescence, affective neuroscience, Clinical Neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, Functional Neuroimaging Member [email protected]
Al-muhtasib, Nour Pharmacology Georgetown University District of Columbia Member [email protected]
Alan, Gelperin PNI/MolBio Princeton University NJ Member [email protected]
Altschuler, Eric Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University PA Member [email protected]
Alvina, Karina Biological Sciences Texas Tech University Texas anything neuroscience Member [email protected]
Andrew, David Biology Lycoming College PA Drosophila behavior, Drosophila Disease Models, genomics, neurogenetics Member [email protected]
Audrey, Ettinger pa Member [email protected]
Baca, Serapio Neurology UCLA CA calcium imaging, headache, Migraine, neural systems & behavior, optical imaging, optogenetics, respiration Member [email protected]
Bachtell, Ryan Psychology and Neuroscience University of Colorado CO Member [email protected]
Ball, Robin Molecular and Cell Biology UC Berkeley CA Member [email protected]
Baluch, Page School of Life Sciences Arizona State University Az bioimaging, cytoskeletal scaffolds, Estrogen, NMJ, restraint stress, Short-Term Plasticity, tyramine Member [email protected]
Banks, Susan Biology Florida Southern College FL Member [email protected]
Barber, Teresa PA Member [email protected]
Bardgett, Mark Psychological Science Northern Kentucky University KY behavioral genetics, behavioral neuroscience, psychopharmacology Member [email protected]
Bartlow, Kat Biology Lycoming College PA dopamine neurons, Monoamines, substance abuse, Synaptic transmission Member [email protected]
Basham, Mark Psychology and Neuroscience Regis University CO Learning and Memory Member [email protected]
Bauer, David Psychology Viterbo University WI photobiomodulation Member [email protected]
Bauer, Eric Biology Elon University North Carolina Behavioral Neurophysiology, mechanosensory hair cells, Sensory Neurophysiology Member [email protected]
Baugh, Lee Basic Biomedical Sciences University of South Dakota South Dakota Functional Neuroimaging, Motor Control, stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury Member [email protected]
Bayline, Ronald Biology Washington & Jefferson College PA Evolution of neuromuscular patterning Member [email protected]
Beaudoin, Gerard Biology Trinity University TX DOPAMINERGIC SYSTEM, electrophysiology, optogenetics, synapses Member [email protected]
Becker, Lora Psychology and Neuroscience University of Evansville IN behavioral pharmacology/toxicology; behavioral neuroscience; Member, Undergraduate Institutional Member [email protected]
Becker, Elizabeth Psychology St. Joseph's University PA Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Member [email protected]
Been , Laura Psychology Haverford College PA behavioral neuroscience, motivation and reward, Neuroendocrinology, social behavior Member [email protected]
Beery, Annaliese Psychology, Neuroscience, Biology Smith College MA Member [email protected]
Behrouz, Bahareh Neuroscience Neuroinitiative Florida alzheimer's diseases, computational neuroscience, Neurodegeneration, NEUROSCIENCE, Parkinson's disease Member [email protected]
Belfi, Amy Psychology New York University NY cognition, emotion, fMRI, neuroaesthetics, neuropsychology, neuroscience of music, psychophysiology Pre Faculty Member [email protected]
Bell, Spencer Neuroscience Medical University of South Carolina SOUTH CAROLINA addiction, brain stimulation, cognition, fMRI Pre Faculty Member [email protected]
betz, adrienne psychology quinnipiac university ct Member [email protected]
Biddle, Kathleen Education Department Juniata College PA acquired traumatic brain injury, developmental neuropsychology Member [email protected]
Bies, Alex Psychology Middle Tennessee State University TN art perception, cognitive neuroscience, neuroaesthetics, visual cognition Member [email protected]
Bieszczad, Kasia Psychology -- Behavioral & Systems Neuroscience Rutgers University, New Brunswick Campus NJ electrophysiology, epigenetics, experience-dependent plasticity, Learning and auditory processing, sensory cortex Member [email protected]
Bilsky, Edward Pharmacology University of New England ME addiction, opioids, pain/analgesia Graduate Institutional Member, Member [email protected]
Birgbauer, Eric Department of Biology Winthrop University SC Chicken, Development, growth cone, lysophospholipids, retinal axon guidance Member [email protected]
Black, Michael Neuroscience Georgia State University GA Member [email protected]
Blitz, Dawn Biology Miami University OH central pattern generators, circuit feedback, Neuromodulation, Stomatogastric, synaptic and cellular plasticity Member [email protected]
Blythe, Sarah Biology Washington & Lee University VA Member [email protected]
Boland, Linda Biology University of Richmond VA ion channels; structure-function of channels; evolution of excitability; synaptic plasticity Member [email protected]
Bondi, Corina Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania attention, cognitive neuroscience, Traumatic Brain Injury Member [email protected]
Bonner, Jennifer Biology Skidmore College NY Undergraduate Institutional Member [email protected]
Bordner, Kelly Psychology Southern Connecticut State University CT Animal behavior and learning, behavioral neuroscience, Development, Neurobiology of addiction Member [email protected]
Bottjer, Sarah Neurobiology Univ of Southern California CA Development, neural systems & behavior, songbirds, speech/motor learning and disorders, systems neuroscience Graduate Institutional Member [email protected]
Bowden, Harriet Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures University of Tennessee-Knoxville TN bilingualism, cognition (memory), Language Acquisition Member [email protected]
Boyette-Davis, Jessica Psychology St. Edward's University TX Member [email protected]
Bradaric, Brinda BS in Health Science Rush University IL Member [email protected]
Brasier, Daniel Biological Sciences Carnegie Mellon University PA Graduate Institutional Member, Member [email protected]
Brodfuehrer, Peter PA Member [email protected]
Brown, Justin Biology Simpson College Iowa human subject research, Neuroimaging, pain, sensory systems Member [email protected]
Browne, Blaine Psychology Valdosta State University GA and Evolutionary Psychology, cognitive neuroscience, memory Member [email protected]