FUN T-shirt travel award competition

FUN is offering a $750 dollar travel award for the design of the new FUN t-shirt.  We are requesting that students and/or faculty submit new designs for the FUN t-shirts that will be sold at the upcoming SfN meeting in Washington DC from November 12-16, 2011.  The travel award can be used by a student winner to travel to the meeting or it can be used by a faculty winner to support the travel of an undergraduate to the meeting.  The design requirements are:

  • It should have either FUN or Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience in the design
  • It should have the website
  • It should fit on the front of a standard t-shirt
  • Complementary t-shirt color suggestions are welcome

Please submit all designs as a high resolution image file (jpg, tiff, or gif) to Ronald Bayline ([email protected]) by September 1, 2011  The FUN executive committee will select the winning design.  The winner will receive a free t-shirt with their design and the travel award at the FUN poster session and social at SfN.