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Hi Dorothy, Gwyneth, and others, For the past decade, I've been working with undergrads in the lab, using La= bVIEW programming for data acquisition and analysis. We've generally just = been recording from two frontal electrodes at a time, while the subject doe= s a reaction time or memory task with stimuli displayed on a monitor. Spec= tral analyses are later displayed in various ways, using time stamps of sti= mulus onset, mouse-click response, etc. I'm also slightly addicted to the experience of programming in this system.= I'm not as good at it as a couple of the students I've worked with, but t= he sort of problem-solving it entails is intriguing. (I'll be trying to gi= ve away a very basic "neuroeconomics" example program, for making a left ve= rsus right choice, at the upcoming SfN meeting in DC.) Using low-voltage battery powered brain wave amplifiers makes it a lot easi= er to record signals without the ubiquitous 60 Hz interference, and also en= hances electrical safety A couple of my colleagues here use Biopac. In advertisements, I see that c= ompany also recently came out with portable, battery-powered units. Such a= re also available now from Grass/Astromed and from Cleveland Medical Device= s, all I think a tad on the expensive side, especially if you need to buy m= ultiple units for student labs. But I haven't looked into the student unit= s Gwyneth mentions. Just holler if you're in the Lake Forest College area and would like a demo= , or repeat of a PowerPoint presentation I did in May at a small meeting in= Dalian, China (NeuroTalk-2011). Best, Bob -----Original Message----- From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of Gwyne= th H Beagley Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 9:14 AM To: Glassman, Robert Subject: Re: Human Neuroscience Laboratory Equipment For the human stuff, check out BIOPAK systems. They have different levels o= =3D f stuff, including a student "lab" and the sales representatives are ex= trem=3D ely helpful. We've used them at Alma College for years, and have ha= d really=3D good experiences. g