Molluscan Neuroscience '09: Recent Advances and New Vistas

02/12/2009 - 02/15/2009

See Google Group meeting site.

This three-day conference,hosted by the Institute of Neurobiology, San Juan, Puerto Rico, will assemble the international community of neuroscientists and students using molluscan models to investigate a wide spectrum of fundamental neurobiological problems. Sessions and symposia will address specific thematic areas in which this field has been most influential including: Learning and Memory, Central Pattern Generators, Evolution of Neural Circuits and Behaviors, Development, Neuromodulation, Ion Channels, and Signal Transduction.

There is increasing awareness that the wealth of knowledge accumulated with molluscan systems during the last half century can contribute greatly to vital questions facing Neuroscience in the post-genomic era. Collaborative and community-wide efforts to collect, communicate, and disseminate existing and emerging data will be established. Emphasis will be placed on platforms designed to increase the accessibility of these resources to the broader Neuroscience community. Workshops will be organized to discuss the use of new tools such as the emerging Genome Projects for Aplysia and related gastropods, cephalopod genomics, genomic and microchemical analysis of single cells and cell compartments, and initiatives for sharing information about identified neurons and their homologues across species.

Abstracts (300 word limit) should be submitted prior to December 1, 2008 to [email protected]. Please indicate the presenting author and format preference (talk vs. poster).

A limited amount of support has been awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to enable graduate students and postdocs to participate in this conference.