Normal Dues Workflow

The dues roles (member, sponsor, etc). are setup for semi-autonomous operation.  This is the normal worflow:

New Member:

  1. User finds the FUN website and decides to join.
  2. Uses the Join FUN link to create an account, filling out all relevant profile information
    1. Their email is confirmed with an automatic email sent containing an account activation link
    2. An email is sent to all treasurers and secretaries alerting them to the new account
  3. The new user confirms thier email by clicking on the activation link, which logs them into the system
  4. The new user can then access Pay Dues page, select an appropriate dues level, and pay via PayPal
    1. The user will receive an email acknowledging their payment
    2. The user will receive an email acnkowledging their new membership role
    3. The PayPal manager will receive an email regarding the new payment
  5. Upon payment completion, the user is automatically assigned a Member level for 1 year from the date of payment

Possible Interventions

  1. Users who create an account may not follow through with dues payment--either willfully or through confusion.  The secretary or treasurer should check in on new accounts weekly to determine 'orphaned accounts' that have been created but not paid.  Reminder emails can be sent.  If no response, the accounts should be deleted.
  2. Users may register but not fill out full contact info.  The secretary and treasurer should check in on new accounts weekly to ensure profile information has been accurately filled out.


  • The user list page (admin/user/user/list) allows the secretary or treasurer to review the entire list of users.  This list can be sorted and filter by role (e.g. to identify users who have not yet bought a dues-related role) and by date of activation (to focus on new users).  Users can be bulk deleted, or individual user pages can be accessed to view/alter profile information, dues level, etc.

Dues Expiration and Renewal

  1. 2 weeks prior to a role expiration, the user will receive an email urging renewal
  2. At the expiration date, the dues-related role will be revoked.  The user will still be able to logon and renew dues, but will no longer be listed in the directory, etc.  They will receive an email notification automatically.
  3. Hopefully the user will decide to renew at some point.  They will complete a dues payment via PayPal.
  4. Upon payment, the user will automatically be re-assigned their membership role and the expiration date will be pushed back by 1 year from the last expiration (or more if they pay for multiple years).  The user will receive email acknolwedgements as well as the PayPal manager.

Possible Interventions

  1. Users will receive only 1 automatic renewal plea 2 weeks prior to expiration and 1 expiration notice.  The secretary or treasurer should review the list of non-renewed users periodically to further solicit renewals.  If a user makes it clear that they will not renew, the account can be deleted (though there is no harm in leaving it open in case they change their mind). 


  • The user list page (admin/user/user/list) allows the secretary or treasurer to review the entire list of users and identify those users with lapsed renewals for contact.
  • The role expiration page (/admin/user/user/expiration) allows viewing of upcoming role expirations for pre-contact.