Manual Dues - Account Creation

Despite attempts to have dues run automatically, there will probably be occasions in which it is necessary to manually intervene in this process.

Create a New Account

This should not normally be necessary, as most users should be able to register themselves.  This is a 5-step procedure: be sure to complete all steps.  Here is the general procedure:

  1. Use the New Member link on the Dues menu to access the create user form (admin/user/user/create)
    1. Fill out the email, user name, and password. 
    2. Do NOT fill out user-roles on this form--they need to be assigned via the E-commerce system, otherwise they will never expire! (see image1)
    3. You can check to have the user notified via email of the new account.  Their username and email will be mailed to them.
  2. Now access the user's profile and fill out their contact information
    1. Unfortunately, Drupal doesn't take you directly to the account page for the account you just created.  However, it does provide a confirmation message with a link to the new page (image2).  If you don't see this, select "Member List" from the dues menu, sort by creation time, and click "View" to access the new account page for the account you created.
    2. From the top of the user page, click PROFILE
    3. Enter contact info
    4. Click Save
  3. Now access the user's subscriptions and subscribe them to the FUN newsletter
    1. From the top of the user page, click MY NEWSLETTERS
    2. Check off the newsletters to subscribe to and click save
  4. Generate a dues order
    1. The account creation process creates an account with an expiring membership role, but it does not create an order for membership, nor a payment.  You must now create an order and register the payment received (if any)
    2. From the Dues menu, choose Orders (it will expand), and then Create
    3. Select "Search for an Existing Customer" and search by the exact email (image3)
    4. Select the new account and choose "Create Order" (image 4)
    5. Under products, select the appropriate dues level and click "Add" (image 5)
    6. You may adjust the cost of the dues level, if necessary (image 6)
    7. You can add an administrative comment to document the changes you are making (image 7)
    8. Click Submit Changes to save the new dues order
    9. From this point, you can access a Dues Invoice to send to the new user if they have not yet paid.
  5. Register the dues payment
    1. Assuming the user has paid their dues, next click the Payments tab for the order you have created
    2. Choose the payment type and amount (image 8)
    3. Click ENTER
    4. On recording the payment, the user will be granted the required membership role.  An email notification and receipt will be automatically sent. (image 9)


Image 1, Step 1.2:  Use creation from.  Don't fill out any dues-related roles, this will be completed in steps 4-5.

Image 2, Step 2.1: Click the link on the confirmation message to access the new account page for the user you have created.

Image 3, Step 4.3: Search results in the order creation page.  Search by email address and select the email of the new account you have created.

Image 4, Step 4.4: Once the correct account is selected, choose create order

Image 5, Step 4.5: From the order page, select "Add product", select the appropriate dues level, and add it to the order.

Image 6, Step 4.6: A new line item for the order will appear.  You can adjust quantity, price, etc.  Don't adjust the SKU.

Image 7, Step 4.7: Add a comment to indicate that this order was created manually.

Image 8, Step 5.2: Enter the type and amount of payment received.

Image 9, Step 5.4: You will see a confirmation that the user has been granted a new role and it's new expiration date.