Manual Dues - Due Date Override

It may be necessary to manually update a member's due date.  If this is due to a payment received, then consult the help section on paying by check here.  If this is simply a correction of the member's due date, follow on.

  1. From the Dues menu, select Member List
  2. Find the member in question and select view
  3. From their account page, click EDIT
  4. Scroll to the bottom and expand the Ubercart Roles section
  5. From there you can add, modify, or delete a membership renewal.  Remember, actions you take here will not be tied into the payment system, so this will not go into the system as a renewal/new member/etc.
  6. Unfortunately, you can only adjust existing due dates by increments of days, months, years--you can't specify a specific date.  The datediff function in MSExcel can be helpful in determining the correct date increment to use to provide the desired due date.