Manual Dues - Delete an Account

Deleting an account should not normally be necessary.  If a member stops paying dues, thier membership role can be revoked automatically or by manually adjusting their due date (see here).  By revoking membership roles, the user will retain an account, but will be de-listed from the membership directory, unable to view member emails, and unable to post content.  This is usually sufficient to inactivate an account but leaves open the possibility of the member returning.  However, in some cases it is clear the account will not or should not be re-activated (e.g. spam accounts, etc.).  In this case, full-blown deletion is justified.

  1. From the Dues menu, select Member List
  2. Browse or filter to the desired account
  3. Select the account and from the operations menu, choose delete.
  4. Alternatively, you can edit the account and select the delete button.