Past-President Responsibilities

This page contains all of the information regarding the responsibilities of Past-President.  The calendar starts with the end of the FUN Social when the executive committee officially rolls over into the new year.




  • You will be contacted by someone from the programming committee to confirm that the FUN Poster Session and Social will be held next year and that you are chair of the session.  The 2010 contact at SfN was Megan Cifrino (
    [email protected]), Annual Meeting Program Assistant.



 Fun Social and Poster Session

  • You are the Chair of the Social and will have to fill out the Social Proposal form in the SfN Oasis system.  The proposal submission from 2010 is attached below as a guide for our request.  The President and President elect are put on the list of Social Guests.  In 2010 we asked for 120 Poster Board faces and room for 500 attendees. The 2011 count was exactly 120 posters and we had 600 attendees--you may want to request 10 more poster boards.  We got 144 boards for the 2012 session.



  • German Graduate Schools of Neuroscience Programs Poster Competition. Lutz Steiner ([email protected]) was the last chair to support this program and he is no longer in that position. In 2015, Margret Franke ([email protected]) was the chair and she stated that they were not interested in sponsoring the German Neuroscience Poster Travel Award again this year.   So, in 2012/13/14/15, the German graduate schools did NOT sponsor a poster award. I think we can consider this program dead.


  • Put out a call for nominations for FUN Educator Awards by July 15th.  Make the deadline for nominations September 1st.


Fun Social and Poster Session

  • Put out a call for abstracts for the FUN Poster Session and Social by September 1.  Make the deadline for submission October 1st.  Make sure to indicate that the abstract must have a title, authors, school and abstract. Make sure they send it in a word document format to make it easier to format the abstract book.  
  • Web Site Update: Update the following pages with the SfN Meeting details: FUN Undergraduate Poster Session Page
  • Send out a reminder about the FUN Educator Awards nominations and also an informational e-mail about the upcoming abstract submission process.


  • Call the Educator Awards committee together (You are the chair with the President and a councilor)
  • Consult the awards page to make sure some one is not given an award they have already earned.
  • We give an Educator of the Year award every year.  The others do not have to be given if there are no good candidates.
  • Use the templates attached below to have plaques engraved.  We have no preferred vendor to get these from. Send receipts to the Treasurer to get reimbursed
  • Order the watch for the outgoing President from the following vendor.  Get the credit card number from the treasurer or save reciept to be reimbursed. The company has the information on file - our customer number is 48953.
[email protected]


  • Note: Responding to all the submissions and organizing the abstract book takes a significant amount of time. One FUN member can have one poster board (4' x 6') for their posters.  They can put several posters on one board if they like.
  • Obtain abstracts of FUN travel award winners.
  • Make a list of presenters to assign poster boards to.  Reserve a section of the poster boards to cluster the travel award winners.
  • Send the abstract book as a pdf to all participants. Print off several lists of poster numbers for people to find their posters.  Make sure to put up poster numbers, it is much less chaotic for the students and for the German Poster Award Judges.
  • Send a copy of the abstract book to or cNDP liaison.  They willl distribute it to members of graduate programs.
  • this is deadSend a compilation of all the German Poster Award Nominations to Lutz Steiner at least a week or two before the meeting. If possible, let him know then what the poster numbers are for each nominee.



Fun Social and Poster Session (Agenda Outline is attached at the Bottom)

  • Go over the Agenda with the other Presidents
  • The room is set up by 5:00pm.  It would be good to get there at 5pm to put poster numbers on the boards and to make sure everything is setup. Push-pins for the posters were provided by SfN.  You might want to bring some as a back up.
  • Poster session starts at 6:45pm, but students start arriving by 6:15pm.  Make sure to have at least one person available at the entrance to provide poster numbers to students as they come in. We might consider having a table outside for students to check in at so that it is a bit less chaotic now that we are over 120 posters.  No one writes down their poster numbers ahead of time.
  • Start the awards program at 8pm.  It will take 30-45 minutes.
  • Web Site Update: Update the German Neuroscience Travel Award Page, the Brain Awareness Award Page  and the Educator Awards Page with the winners.
  • Post Award Winners to the News Section of our Website
  • Submit a short piece to Neuroscience Nexus to advertise our award winners.  Link it back to the News Announcement.

You are done!  Thank you for your service to FUN.




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