Important Information Regarding the FUN Social/Poster Session in Chicago and upcoming deadlines

Dear FUN Friends,

HAPPY AUGUST!! As we are all beginning the process of preparing for the Fall Semester I want to help you begin to add to that ever growing "to do" list of things you need to accomplish prior to the beginning of the Fall term.

This e-mail *MIGHT* be a little lengthy, but I want to make sure that everyone understands where we are in the planning process for the FUN social and what you need in order to be successful in preparing for this year's event.

First, the executive/social committee spent a tremendous amount of time last winter discussing the results of the FUN social survey and how to respond to them. We developed several proposals to try to work with SfN but they are very strict about their social programming process and procedures. Without going into great depth, I believe the executive committee worked extraordinarily hard to come up with different approaches (exploring becoming a satellite event and even considering becoming an off-site events...all were way too costly) and all requests to modify the social itself were denied by SfN (at the highest level). All I can say folks is, believe me, we tried to make many of the suggested changed but are very limited by the social structure that SfN applies to all socials.

So, this is where we currently stand:

1) We have secured space for 175 posters. 25 are already reserved for the FUN travel award winners (CONGRATS TO ALL THAT WON ONE!). The remaining 150 will go to the first 150 complete abstract submissions with a current full regular member/institutional member sponsor (see additional information below).

2) We will eliminate the seating area for a more intimate standing room only area (with some high table tops sprinkled in the space) for socializing, mingling, and gathering during the awards ceremony. This will provide a bit more space.

3) The award ceremony with be truncated. The student travel awards will be presented at the award winner's poster (and picture taken of student/mentor). During the awards ceremony the FUN faculty awards and JUNE awards will be announced and the students will be asked to come up en masse to have the group picture made (and receive congratulations and applause as a group). This will cut down the FUN programming time (and allow for a bit more poster/social time).

4) Food and beverage: No changes, 100% SfN's control. So expect 12$ glasses of wine and 6$ bottles of water to go with your pretzels and goldfish. According to SfN this is the SAME for all SOCIALS.

5) Length of FUN social: No changes, 6:45-8:45. According to SfN this is the SAME for all SOCIALS.


The call for abstracts will open TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st at 12pm ET (9am PT). All posters spaces will be FIRST COME/FIRST SERVE. Additionally, this means that a current dues paying regular member can sponsor ONE poster (assuming that his/her student submits the complete abstract information prior to running out of poster board spaces). The only additional way to sponsor an additional poster is sponsoring one as an institutional member (Institutional Members can also sponsor ONE poster). There will be no splitting of boards and placing two (or three, or more) posters on a single board. Based on the feedback we received, the overcrowding experienced by the presenters and guests negatively outweighs any benefit of having more people squished into the limited amount of small space.  

So, by receiving this message today, you and your students can begin the writing/editing/proofing of your abstracts so that as soon as the submission opens, you will be ready to go!

I hope that these changes will help improve the experience that the students and FUN members experience at our social. As always, we will take into consideration the experiences we have this year to try to make next year's meeting even better...this is always our goal!

***Other Important Information***

Call for Nominations for FUN leadership positions. This year we have 5 positions to fill: President-Elect, Secretary and 3 Councilors (complete descriptions of position responsibilities can be found at Nominations (included self-nominations) can be sent to the current President-Elect, Amy Jo Stavnezer ([email protected]). Please send any questions about these positions to Amy Jo or any member of the Executive Committee! The window for nominations ends soon – August 16, 2015.

Call for Nominations for FUN Faculty Awards: Please send Jeff Smith ([email protected]) any nominations for the FUN Faculty Awards by Sept. 1st (for more information see the FUN faculty awards webpage:

Call for proposals for the FUN Equipment Loan Program is open (Deadline is October 1st). For more information go to:

Best to all,


Jeffrey S. Smith, Ph.D.

Past-President, Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience

The Malcolm and Lois Field Endowed Chair in Health Sciences

Department of Health Sciences

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