Professional Development conversations sponsored by FUN at SfN

The FUN Executive Committe has planned a series of professional development conversations on a variety of topics during SfN.  During the morning and afternoon sessions, a FUN Executive Committee member will facilitate a conversation in the FUN booth (#2175).  Feel free to stop to discuss any, or all of the following topics:

Sun 10-11 am: Lisa Gabel, Lafayette University:  What can Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) do for you?

Sun 2-3 pm:  Katherine Mickley Steinmetz, Wofford College:  Strategies to land a job at a primarily undergraduate institution (PUI).

Mon 10-11 am: Dorothy Kozlowski, DePaul University: How to design a successful research program that engages undergraduate students.

Mon 1-2 pm: Amy Jo Stavnezer, College of Wooster:  How do you fund animal care and veterinary staff at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUI)?

Mon 2-3 pm: M. Jade Zee, Northeastern University: How to charter a chapter of Nu Rho Psi, the neuroscience honor society.

Tues 10-11 am: Jeff Smith, Saginaw Valley State University: Find out about the 2-year competitive Equipment Loan Program funded by Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN).

Tues 2-3 pm:  Elaine Reynolds, Lafayette University:  Best practices on designing an undergraduate Neuroscience program (major, minor or concentration).

Wed 10-11 am:  Tracie Paine, Oberlin University:  Do I want a job, and how would I prepare for a job, at a primarily undergraduate institution (PUI)?