NIH announces special AREA/R15 competition

The NIH recently released RFA-OD-09-007: Recovery Act Limited Competition: Academic Enhancement Research Award (R15).  Details at:

This is part of the NIH activity from the big 'stimulus package' American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding.  Overall, it is similar to the regular AREA/R15 mechanism (3-year, 'small grant', for bachelor's degree institutions) that many of you may know, but this time a) the cap on award size has doubled to $300k for the three years; b) the institutional eligibility cap for other NIH funding has increased to $6M/year for 4 of last 7 years for the 'unit' applying; and c) the research plan limit is now 12 pages.

Application date is only 24 Sept 2009, for requested starts in April 2010.  Review will be run by NIH Ctr Scientific Review (CSR).  About 50 awards expected.  Please see RFA for more details, and list of contact coordinators at different Institutes and Centers.