President Responsibilities

This page contains all of the information regarding the responsibilites of President.  The calendar starts with the end of the FUN Social when the executive committee officially rolls over into the new year.


  • Set the committee structure for the coming year.  Assign councilors to committees and ask committee chairs if they would like to continue chairing their particular committee
  • Web Site Update: Change the committee members and update the officers names on the web site.
  • Web Site Update: Update the FUN Travel Award Winners and Sponsors Page with that year's winners.  


  • General housekeeping.  The President is the point person for outside requests directed at FUN.


  • Think about having FUN executive committe members attend the ANDP spring meeting
  • Coordinate the call for Brain Awareness Travel award with the FUN PECC member (Jen Yates, 2014) and Emily Dilger ([email protected]).  Send out a call for applications and have the applications sent to the FUN PECC member who is chair.  Make the applications due when the FUN Travel Awards are due.  Put the new application on the Brain Awareness Award Page.
  • Reserve a room for the FUN Executive Meeting and FUN Business Meeting through the SfN Satellite Registration System.  Coordinate this with the Treasurer.  Copies of the Business and Executive Meeting orders are attached below.  There is a fee involved for each order, so make sure to get reimbursed by the treasurer.


  • Submit an abstract for a Theme H poster about FUN at the Fall SfN Annual Meeting; Create a linking group and share the group name with the JUNE Editor, SOMAS (Julio Ramirez), Regional Meeting Organizers and other FUN supported posters to locate all the posters in the same place.  Make sure to get reimbursed from the Treasurer for the abstract submission fee.  A sample abstract is attached below to serve as a guide.


  • Send out a reminder on the FUN Listserv and through the webpage about Travel Award Deadlines
  • Start sending emails to Contributing Members asking them to fund a travel award again this year.  Sponsor contact list is on a page listed at the bottom of this page.


  • Email Lutz Steiner ([email protected]) to see if they are interested in sponsoring the German Neuroscience Poster Travel Award again this year.  He will send an application to attach to the webpage.
  • Once rooms are reserved for the Executive and Business Meeting at SfN, coordinate with the hotel to order food and coordinate tables/chairs.  See the attached food orders from 2009.
  • Web Site Update: Update the following pages with the SfN Meeting details:FUN Events at the Society for Neuroscience page


  • Continue to coordinate with the President-elect and Treasurer about travel award reviews and available funds
  • Continue to solicit funds for travel awards
  • In collaboration with President-elect, send out call for nominations for the new officer Elections
  • Remind the Past-President to send out a call for nominations for possible FUN educator/career/lifetime achievement awards


  • Web Site Update: Put an announcement out about the German Poster Travel Award on the webpage and the listserv.  Update the German Travel Award pageMake the due date about two weeks prior to SfN so that the nominations can be sent to Lutz to review prior to the social.  Update the German Travel Award page with the file they send of for nominating students
  • Remind Past-President to call committee together to decide on FUN educator/career/lifetime achievement awards (President and two Past-Presidents)


  • Email Executive Committee Officers, Committee Heads, PECC Liason, Nu Rho Psi head, JUNE Editor, and anyone you want to come to the Sunday night executive committee meeting.  Let them know the time and place of meeting.
  • Confirm the room reservations and food orders for the Executive and Business Meeting with the hotel


  • Two weeks prior to SfN post a reminder about the Business Meeting and the FUN Social as a news item on this website and send this information through the list-serv email address.
  • Put together an agenda for the Executive Meeting.  Send out to attendees an agenda and any other reading material one week before the meeting. An example agenda is attached below. 
  • The Executive Meeting/Business Meeting is a great time to alter the bylaws.  Put this on the agenda if it is required.
  • Newly elected officers are invited to come to the open session of the Executive Committee meeting.  They cannot vote.  The new members are officially on the committee after the end of the FUN Social.
  • With the President-elect, put together an agenda for the FUN Social.  An example agenda is attached below.
  • Coordinate the BAW travel award with Corinne Dreskin at SfN.  They will send education materials to you.  Print BAW travel award certificates and get the check from the Treasurer.
  • You will likely attend the SOMAS luncheon at SfN and be asked to present the BAW travel award at the BAW event at SfN on Saturday afternoon.
2009 FUN SfN Abstract.doc31 KB
Business Meeting SfN Satellite Order.pdf94.1 KB
Executive Meeting SfN Satellite Order.pdf94.01 KB
2009 BAW Certificate.doc144 KB
2009 Exec and Bus Meeting Food orders.pdf67.15 KB