Spring ANDP Meeting Update

Jean Hardwick and Chris Korey represented FUN at the Spring Meeting of the Association of Neuroscience Departments and Programs.  Jean and Chris spoke, with Pamela Scott-Johnson (Morgan State), in a session about strengthening the pipeline from PUIs to graduate school.  Jean spoke abut the extensive research experiences students from PUIs receive.  She also highlighted some preliminary data about faculty research and funding from our recent member survey.  Chris, drawing on NSF research, spoke about the baccalaureate origins of PhDs. In addition he highlighted the successes of PUI students that have received our FUN Travel Awards.  Pamela spoke about minority student populations at PUIs.  Power point slides of Jean's and Chris' talk are attached below in a pdf format.  Over all it was a productive session aimed at increasing student success when applying to summer research programs and graduate programs at large research institutions.  It became clear that students applying to neuroscience graduate programs from small PUIs do well regionally when these schools have developed personal connections with large research programs.  The challenge is to extend this success for PUI students on the national level.  For instance, how do we forge connections between small liberal arts schools in the southeast and large research institutions on the west coast?  One suggestion was for ANDP to have a booth at SfN where undergraduate students could meet directly with graduate program directors.  Hopefully FUN can work with ANDP to increase the visibility of our PUI students on the national stage.

Neuroscience Research at PUIs ANDP 2009.pdf2.72 MB
PUIs as a Pipeline.pdf7.3 MB