Neuroscience in Salamanca Spain Study Abroad - Summer Program

05/20/2017 - 06/25/2017

The Neuroscience Study Abroad Program in Salamanca Spain, sponsored by the University of Connecticut, the University of Salamanca, Johns Hopkins, and Purdue Universities offers neuroscience courses in English for undergrad and graduate students. This unique program provides exposure to neuroscience and research at an international level while helping pre-med, neuroscience, engineering, and audiology students become familiar with Spain, its language, and culture. A short visit to Prague in the Czech Republic teaches neuroscience lab methods.

This program is open to both graduate, post-graduate, and undergraduate students from any University or College. Since this is a summer program, admission to the program is handled by the Study Abroad Office at UCONN. Students enroll in one Neuroscience course and one Spanish class to earn 6 credits. All students receive credits and a transcript from the University of Connecticut. You should get credit at your home university for these courses, and we can send information to your advisor to facilitate your getting credit. The program is limited to a total of 50 students. For more information see and

Applications are due: March 15, 2017. Apply online at

Courses for 2017:
MEDS 5377: The Neurobiology of Hearing. A graduate school, research course on the basis of sound processing. Become familiar with current research topics in Auditory Neuroscience, including synaptic physiology, neural circuitry, acoustics, physiology, and behavior.
PSYC 2201: Drugs and Behavior. This course is an overview of drug effects on chemical transmission in the nervous system, with an emphasis on the behavioral/psychological effects of drugs. 
PSYC 2200: Physiological Psychology. Introduction to how distinct levels of neurobiology (from genes, molecules, proteins to neural circuits and neural systems) influence behavior and cognition.
Neuroscience Methods in Prague, Czech Republic: This is a short course on neuroscience methods at the Institute of Experimental Medicine at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.