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Texas Tech University
Synaptic physiology lab currently looking for graduate students to start in the fall of 2017
We are located in the Department of Biological Sciences at Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX). Our primary focus is to understand how do animals successfully navigate and survive the environment by modifying their behavior according to past experiences. This process of learning is mediated by the brain, which controls not only how animals sense their surroundings but also how they respond to changes (both positive and negative). To orchestrate the many different functions of the brain, neurons rely on exquisite communication mechanisms via cellular junctions called synapses. 
We are interested in understanding how synapses work, not only in physiological conditions but also in adverse or stressful environments that can ultimately result in disease. We use a combination of techniques, including electrophysiology, viral genetic manipulation, optogenetics and behavior in order to characterize synaptic function in animal models (rodents). 
Creative and highly motivated applicants should have a background in biology, neurobiology or physiology, with an interest in cellular physiology and/or behavioral sciences. Applications should be sent to [email protected] (the sooner the better). Please include your CV (with the name and contact information of three referees) and a letter expressing your interest in working in our lab. 
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