Mouse Cages and Lids

FOR SALE: I have a hundred or more standard mouse cages from Ancare with matching stainless steel lids for sale (I do not have filter tops; 7 1?2” x 11 1?2” x 5”). I have both opaque and slightly-tinted cages, they are all cage washer safe and can be autoclaved if necessary. I've mostly switched to rats and would love to sell these to a FUN member at a significant discount. The current price from Ancare is approximately $9.75 per cage and $13.95 per lid. I would be happy to sell them at half-price, plus shipping. $4/cage and $7/lid, as many or few as you might want. If you are attending the FUN conference at Dominican by car - I will gladly deliver them in my vehicle and save us both the headache of packing and shipping charges. Let me know! Amy Jo Stavnezer, [email protected] Links to product: Cages: Lids: