Open Rank Tenure-Track Positions in Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular or Cell Biology, and Statistics

Job Type: 
Tenure Track Faculty
Soka University of America
Soka University of America (SUA) located in Aliso Viejo,
California, is a selective private four-year institution
offering a challenging B.A. in the liberal arts, and ranked
in the Top 40 National Liberal Arts Colleges by U.S. News.
The university is committed to cross-disciplinary education
and aims to foster close intellectual relations between
faculty and students through mentorship. An appreciation
of the centrality of peace, freedom and human rights to
the happiness of the individual and the world provides
the founding impetus for the university and its mission.
SUA features an innovative Core and GE curriculum,
and concentrations that currently focus on Social and
Behavioral Sciences, International Studies, Humanities and
Environmental studies.
Soka University of America will open a new
concentration in Life Sciences in Fall 2020
The Life Sciences Concentration at Soka University of
America will prepare students to engage in the dynamic fields
of biology, biomedical research, and biotechnology, providing
a pathway toward careers in medicine or public health. The
concentration will feature an interdisciplinary curriculum
that provides a solid foundation in the sciences with courses
that embody the latest discoveries in biology and chemistry,
and a pedagogy that challenges students to apply what they
have learned to realistic scenarios. It will feature inquiry-
based courses that train students in experiment design, data
collection and analysis, and presentation of experimental
results. The Life Sciences Concentration will feature a global
outlook that considers the societal and cultural implications
of new advances in the Life Sciences.
The Life Sciences Concentration will be housed in a new state
of the art 91,000 square-foot Science Hall, opening in 2020.
The Science Hall is being built to Gold LEED certification
standards and will feature ten research labs, five teaching labs,
three classrooms, and modern architecture that encourages
collaboration and interaction with student workstations and
active learning classrooms.
Faculty Openings for Fall 2019
• Open-Rank Tenure Track Professor of Biology
• Open-Rank Tenure Track Professor of Biochemistry
• Open-Rank Tenure Track Professor of Molecular
and/or Cell Biology
• Assistant Professor of Mathematics or Statistics
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