Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience Online Communications Policy

The FUN website enables members in good standing to engage in a range of online communications.  This includes sending personal messages between members and posting online content in a number of different formats (job postings, news items, events, syllabi, equipment offers, forum posts, etc.).  In addition to complying with all other FUN bylaws, online communications should also abide by the following regulations:

  • Posting to the website is restricted to members in good standing.  Do not post materials on behalf of other parties.
  • Posts will be publically accessible, linked to your username and FUN profile.  Post only content that you can stand behind publicly.
  • Postings must comply to applicable copyright law.  This means that text, images, and other materials included in your post must be either a) original, b) in the public domain, c) covered under fair use, or d) accompanied by permission from the copyright holder.
  • Postings must be *pertinent* to the business of FUN—please do not post material unrelated to the mission/interests of FUN (your personal political views, appeals for charitable donations, etc.)
  • Postings should be appropriate—no profanity, adult or violent content, etc.
  • No spamming, flooding, or repeat-posting.  Do not use scripts, macros, or other means to automate the posting of content.
  • Commercial content may only be posted by Sponsor and Institutional members and only in the “Offers” category of posting.  Do not post endorsements, advertisements, or any other form of commercial content to any other category. 
  • FUN does not take responsibility for the content of member postings.  FUN does not specifically condone, support, or endorse the content posted by members, even when they fall within the guidelines of this policy.
  • FUN reserves the right to delete/remove posts it deems unsuitable.  Determination of suitability is the sole discretion of the FUN executive board, and may include factors not specifically listed in this posting policy.
  • FUN reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member or sponsor violating this policy.

The policy was approved by the FUN Executive Committee on 10/13/2012.