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2016 FUN Student Travel Award Application is now open

Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) welcomes dues-paying members of FUN to sponsor nominees for a FUN Undergraduate Student Travel Award.

DEADLINE ** FUN Equipment Loan Program

Hello FUN Friends,

If you are a new(ish) faculty member looking for equipment to start to build your lab and collect pilot data or a more senior faculty member looking to shift their research in a new direction, we may be able to help!

FUN Social/Poster Session 2015

Hello FUN friends,

FUN Social/Poster Session.

Dear FUN Friends,

Thank you to all that have submitted your abstracts already. This is just another friendly reminder that the abstract submission website (http://www.braininabox.org/survey/FA15/) is live and that abstract submission CLOSES on September 8th at 12:00pm (est) or earlier (depending on number of abstracts submitted). Please submit your abstract asap!

I should have confirmation letters out to the first authors and their sponsor by end of day on Wednesday, September 9th (I hope!)

FUN Social/Poster Session.

The abstract submission website is now live! Please go to:


to submit your abstract.

Please contact Jeff Smith ([email protected]) if you encounter any issues.



FUN Poster Session Abstract Submission Process

Dear FUN Friends,

Next week (Tuesday, September 1st, at 12:00pm EST) the abstract submission site for this year’s social will open. In preparation for this I have prepared a PDF document that takes you step-by-step through the submission process so you and your students can be ready to go once it opens. I would suggest to have all of the requested information formatted in a word processing document so that you can simply cut and paste the information into the web interface once the submission process opens next week.

Important Information Regarding the FUN Social/Poster Session in Chicago and upcoming deadlines

Dear FUN Friends,

HAPPY AUGUST!! As we are all beginning the process of preparing for the Fall Semester I want to help you begin to add to that ever growing "to do" list of things you need to accomplish prior to the beginning of the Fall term.

This e-mail *MIGHT* be a little lengthy, but I want to make sure that everyone understands where we are in the planning process for the FUN social and what you need in order to be successful in preparing for this year's event.

2015 Equipment Loan Program Call for Proposals

FUN is pleased to announce the Call for Proposals for the 2015 Equipment Loan Program.  Through generous donations from Data Sciences International (DSI), Kinder Scientific, Nikon Microscopy, Noldus Information Technology, and San Diego Instruments we are now accepting applications for proposals requesting a loan of equipment for research and/or teaching for FUN members.  A complete list of equipment available can be found at

FUN Social Feedback Survey

Dear FUN Friends,

I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and efforts to make the 2014 FUN Social a success. As the new chair of the FUN Social Organizing Committee, I would like to find out more about your time at our event this year. The following link will take you to a short survey (10-15 minutes) and will ask you several questions about your experiences at this year’s FUN social. Your feedback is deeply appreciated and will greatly help the planning process for next year’s event in Chicago!

FUN Newsletter, June 2014, Volume 2, Issue 1

New Issue of the FUN Newsletter

Dear FUN Members:

We are delighted to share our most recent newsletter in which you'll find:

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