• Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    We stand with countless others to unequivocally condemn police brutality, institutionalized racism, and all forms of anti-black violence. We commit to actions to educate, equip, and heal our community.

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    Resources for moving your neuroscience class online -- check out this growing crowd-sourced list of labs, activities, and more. 
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  • Summer Virtual Meeting

    This online meeting, featuring Keynote Speaker Mays Imad, highlighted tools for distance education and strategies for meeting the present challenges. Archived materials are available to FUN members (must be logged in).

  • NURVS 2020

    In October, FUN hosted the Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Virtual Symposium (NURVS), held in lieu of the FUN poster session at SfN.

Online Teaching Resources

We have a crowd-sourced list of resources for online neuroscience courses.

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Travel Awards

The 2020 FUN Travel Awards Program has been cancelled. Click here for information on the Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Virtual Symposium.

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The Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Virtual Symposium (NURVS) replaced the FUN poster session at SfN in 2020.
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About Us

FUN is an international organization that is focused on neuroscience education and research at the undergraduate level. FUN’s members and supporters include businesses and organizations; private liberal arts colleges, state and research university departments and programs; and individual faculty and students, all sharing a common interest in undergraduate neuroscience.

Our mission:

  • Enhancing undergraduate participation in research and the presentation of research at the SFN meeting
  • Disseminating innovations in undergraduate neuroscience education
  • Recognizing excellence in undergraduate neuroscience education
  • Developing national and regional networks that enhance undergraduate neuroscience education and research and faculty development

Our mission is made possible through the generous support of our individual members, organizational members, and contributing members. In particular the generous support of the companies and institutions who are contributing members make our Travel Award program possible.

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The Latest from FUN

    2020 FUN Election Results

      Thank you to all FUN members who volunteered to stand for election to office, and to the FUN membership for voting! We are pleased to announce the following officers who will take their positions at the FUN business meeting in November:

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    Pre-Print - Erich Jarvis

      Erich Jarvis is an African-American neuroscientist with an incredible story. He has already written an autobiography (Jarvis, 2015), and has had his life chronicled by PBS and Wikipedia...

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    Pre-Print - Simon LeVay

      Simon LeVay worked on vision and collaborated with Hubel and Wiesel, who eventually won a Nobel prize. He probably should be more famous for that work....

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    FUN Partners

    The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education is the scholarly voice of FUN.
    Nu Rho Psi is the national honor's society for undergraduate neuroscience majors.