FUN Mentoring Network

The FUN Mentoring Network is a program to support faculty who engage undergraduates in neuroscience classrooms and laboratories at all levels, and in a diversity of careers and institutions. We encourage applications from all FUN members, including those from all institutional and ethnic backgrounds. Members holding tenured, tenure-track, non-tenure-track, part-time, adjunct, non-academic, and other positions are invited to apply to become mentors and mentees.

To apply, visit this link:
Applications due September 29, 2023

Modeled after other successful mentoring networks, the program uses a coaching model to help participants develop skills for a variety of careers within and outside academia. Mentors will be trained to help mentees develop skills to succeed in their careers and in their personal lives, and host discussions about experiences and pressures, including those faced by groups underrepresented in the sciences. Mentees will benefit from the guidance and shared experience of their mentors and peers within the mentoring network. A separate, virtual mentoring program (without training) will be offered for members who are not able to attend the in-person training. Please indicate your program preference on the application.

The 2023-2024 FUN Mentoring Network will begin with an in-person training session Friday November 10, 2023. Thereafter, mentors and mentees are expected to meet virtually for about an hour each month, to discuss a topic such as networking, communicating science, self-promotion, skills for job searches, wellness and resilience, and other topics frequently identified as important to professional growth. Group meetings will include opportunities to talk about any questions, issues, or concerns that faculty are experiencing in their own professional path.