Communicating with FUN

General announcements/communications -- FUN will reach out to you with emails announcing new website content, calls for applications for various programs, newsletters, new issues of JUNE, etc.  Most emails will come from  Be sure to check your spam folder--and if anything is being flagged mark as a safe sender.

Conversation - the main mechanism for convesation among FUN members is the FUN listserv.  You must sign up for the listserv--this does not happen automatically when you join FUN.  You can register for the listserv here (

  • Once registered, you send messages by writing an email to :
  • If you reply to an email from the list-serv the default is for your reply to go to the entire list.  Please be aware and be thoughtful.  Take conversations not relevant to the whole list to one-on-one channels.
  • The listserv is not for commercial solicitations, ads, etc.
  • There is also an online archive of past conversations.  FUN does not moderate the listsev, but only members may join.  The archive is PUBLIC.
  • To keep your inbox from filling up, it can be helpful to turn on the digest setting to recieve 1 email per day or week with a summary of all postings. 
  • The listserv will only post messages from the email you registered.  So if you sign up with your instutional email an email from your gmail account will bounce--it will not be delivered. 
Making Announcements:
  • Post job ads -- Members can post job announcements directly to the FUN website.  Just be logged in as a member of good standing and navigate to  If you don't see the posting form, be sure you are logged in and up to date on dues.
  • Events - To post an event, send details to  Please allow 2-3 days for a response and posting.
  • General announcements:
    • The listserv is a great place to post announcements/questions.  Remember that not all members choose to subscribe.
    • You can submit announcements and other content to the newsletter.  Newsletters are published about 4 times a year.  Email
    • Need something posted to a website page or the website blog?  Email
  • Emailing the membership
    • Contact to discuss possibilities for emailing the membership (e.g. for a research survey).  Please do not scrape the directory and send out emails on your own.