Teaching Workshops at SFN

For the past several years FUN members have proposed and organized Teaching Workshops at the annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting as part of the professional development workshop series. 

The materials for the previous workshops now live here: http://funfaculty.net/teaching_workshops/


Closed.  Proposals for the 2020 SFN meeting are due in early January.  If a teaching workshop is selected, details on the speakers and sessions will be posted in the spring and the workshop will be held during the main SFN meeting, usually in October or November. 

Any FUN member could design and propose a teaching workshop.  Past organizers have included Monica Linden, Bill Grisham, and Richard Olivo--if you are interested in working together, proposing a theme/idea, etc please contact them.

Past Materials:
Materials from the past workshops are here:  https://www.funfaculty.org/teaching_workshops/