FUN Officers and Committees

Executive Committee
President: Erin Rheinhart
Susquehanna University
Term Expires 11/2023
President-Elect: Connie Kang
University of Houston Downtown
Term expires: 11/2023
Past President: Kurt R. Illig
University of St. Thomas
Term Expires 11/2023
Secretary: Michelle Tong
Macalester College
Term Expires 11/2023
Treasurer:Melanie Leussis
Emmanuel College
Term Expires: 11/2024
Treasurer-Elect: Lora Becker
University of Evansville
Term Expires: 11/2024
Councilor: Tari Tan
Harvard University
Term Expires: 11/2024
Councilor: Mathew Abrams
Karolinska Institutet
Term Expires: 11/2024
Councilor: Lorenz Neuwirth
State University of New York Westbury
Term Expires: 11/2024
Councilor:  Laura Grafe
Bryn Mawr College
Term Expires 11/2023
Councilor: Marc Nahmani
University of Washington | Tacoma
Term Expires: 11/2023
Councilor: Sally Seraphin
Trinity College
Term Expires: 11/2023


FUN Committees

Advisory Board of Past Presidents

  • Mary Morrison, Lycoming College (Term expires 11/2023)
  • Kurt R. Illig, University of St. Thomas. (Term expires 11/2025)

Undergraduate Travel Award Committee

  • Chair, Connie Kang, University of Houston-Downtown

DEI Self-Study Committee

  • Co-Chair, Taralyn Tan, Harvard Medical School
  • Co-Chair, Princy Mennella, Westfield State University

FUN Awards Committee

  • Chair, Kurt R. Illig, University of St. Thomas

Election Committee

  • Chair, Connie Kang, University of Houston-Downtown

Education Committee

  • Co-chair, Jackie Rose, West Washington University
  • Co-chair, David Donley, Harding University

Public Policy Committee

  • Co-chair, Aparna Shah, Virginia Tech
  • Co-chair, Sarah Tryon, University of Richmond

Equipment Loan Committee

  • Co-Chair, Lorenz Neuwirth, SUNY Old Westbury
  • Co-Chair, James Henry Peters, Washington State University

Website Committee

  • Chair, Susan Banks, Florida Southern College

Social Media and Newsletter Committee 
  • Chair, Shawn Bates, University of California, Chico

JUNE Editorial Board

  • Elaine Reynolds, Lafayette College, Editor-in-Chief
  • See current editors at


Elections for FUN Officers and Councilors are conducted annually, according to the procedures stipulated by the FUN Bylaws.

Nominations OPEN for 2023 Elections

The Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience is now accepting nominations for executive committee positions. This year, we are accepting nominations for the following positions on the executive committee:   *   President Elect (1-year as president elect, 1-year as president and 1-year past president)   *   Secretary (2-year term)   *   Three Councilors (2-year term on the executive committee serving in various capacities, such as serving on standing committees and assisting with FUN programs) The Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience is an international organization supporting neuroscience research and education at the undergraduate level. We work to support more than 400 members who teach, mentor, and conduct research with undergraduates across a variety of institutions. Each year, in cooperation with industry and society partners, FUN sponsors student travel to SfN, offers 2-year equipment loans to faculty, publishes the Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, and undertakes many other initiatives to support its members' efforts in undergraduate teaching, mentoring and research. The success of these programs depends on the participation of our membership, especially in our volunteer leadership roles. Nominating yourself or a colleague is an important contribution to FUN's role in supporting undergraduate faculty. All current FUN regular members are eligible to be nominated for these positions. Please send nominations (including self-nominations) to the 2023 election committee at<> by Monday, Aug 28th by 5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST. Each member may nominate up to three people for each position. Feel free to contact any of the 2023 Election Committee members below should you have any questions. President elect: Connie Kang, University of Houston-Downtown, Past president: Kurt Illig, University of St. Thomas, Councilor: Mathew Abrams, International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility,