2014 FUN Teaching Workshop

A Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience Workshop


Undergraduate Neuroscience Education:

Challenges and Solutions in Creating and Sustaining Programs

Ithaca College

Ithaca, New York

August 1-3, 2014



Materials from the workshop:


Logistics - Main Workshop Schedule.pdf
Logistics - Pre-Workshop Laboratory Schedule.pdf
Logistics - Campus Map.pdf
Logistics - Welcome information.pdf
Program - What Works Abstract listing.pdf
Program - Compiled Team Statements.pdf
Program - Presenter Detailed Information.pdf
Presentations - Directory of All Presentations
Presentations - Bill Grisham's Slides from ERIN presentation
Lab - Titlow Fly Lab
Lab - Woods Motion Lab
Lab - Snail CPG Handout
Lab - Wild Eye ERG Protocol
Lab - Photo activation of escape response: Instructor  and Student and Video 1
Lab - Student protocol and Instructor protocol
All other materials