Past Equipment Loan Winners


Elizabeth Krusemark, Millsaps College "Examining Cognitive and Affective Mechanisms of Information Processing in Psychopathology: A Proposal for Educational and Basic Research Growth at Millsaps College" Award: ADI ML856 PowerLab 26T system for research-quality data collection and educational demonstration from ADInstruments

Deanne Buffalari, Westminster College "Reinforcement enhancement properties of nicotine during reinstatement of cocaine conditioned place preference driven by stressful and cocaine-paired stimuli" Award: Conditioned Place Preference Equipment from San Diego Instruments

Greg Butcher, Thiel College "The Cognitive, Behavioral, and Neural Consequences of Adolescent Nicotine Exposure in Adult Long-Evans Rats" Award: An elevated plus maze from San Diego Instruments

Joshua Cordeira, Western Connecticut State University "Investigating Basal Forebrain Control of Prepulse Inhibition" Award: SR-Lab Startle Response System from San Diego Instruments

Jennifer Tudor, Saint Joseph’s University " Impact of sleep deprivation on mechanisms of translation regulation" Award: Any-maze Video Tracking System, zero maze, multi-unit open field maze from San Diego Instruments

Maureen Rutherford, Indiana University Northwest "Long-term neuroendocrine and behavioral effects of prepubertal Prozac® (fluoxetine) exposure in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)" Award: EthoVision XT software from Noldus Information Technology

Lorenz Neuwirth, SUNY Old Westbury "The effects of developmental Pb neurotoxicity on brain excitability" Award: Implantable telemetry system for data acquisition and analysis from Data Sciences International


Karen Parfitt, Pomona College
"Treatment of learning and memory deficits with a fragment of secreted APPα in a mouse model of Alzheimer's"
Award: A 2-year loan of an Any-maze Tracking System from San Diego Instruments

Erin Clabough, Hampden-Sydney College
"Detection of Motor Abnormalities in a Chronic, Mild Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Model in Swiss Webster Mice"
Award: A 2-year loan of a Roto-Rod Motor Skill Measurement System from San Diego Instruments

Elizabeth Becker, Saint Joseph’s University
"Influence of Early Life Exposure to Prozac on Neurodevelopment and the Reparative Role of Oxytocin Treatment in the California Mouse"
Award: A 2-year loan of a Place Preference System from San Diego Instruments

Lauren A. Makuch, Ursinus College
Establishing a Behavioral Neuroscience Research Methods Course in Undergraduate Curriculum
Award: A 2-year loan of a SR-LAB Startle Response System from San Diego Instruments

Annaliese Beery, Smith College
"Stress and Sociality: Effects of environment on heart rate and heart rate variability in social voles"
Award: A 2-year loan of a DSI Implantable Telemetry System from Data Sciences International

Abigail Kerr, Illinois Wesleyan University
"Mechanisms of compensatory limb use following stroke: The role of the neurovascular niche in functional outcome"
Award: A 2-year loan of a Nikon Eclipse E400 Microscope System from Nikon Instruments

Divya Sitarama, University of San Diego
"Dopaminergic circuits underlying sleep and behavioral arousal in Drosophila"
Award: A 1-year loan of an EthoVision XT Software with additional modules and CCD camera from Noldus Instruments


Raddy L. Ramos, New York Institute of Technology.
"Behavioral consequences of cerebellar molecular layer heterotopia in rodent models"
Roto-Rod Motor Skill Measurement System from San Diego Instruments

Lisa A. Gabel, Lafayette College
"Auditory Discrimination in a mouse model of dyslexia"
SR-Lab startle response system from San Diego Instruments

Suren Ambegaokar, Christian Fink, and Jennifer Yates, Ohio Wesleyan University
"Developing a novel fused-format introductory neuroscience course"
A PowerLab 26T system from ADInstruments

Rupa Gupta Gordon, Augustana College
"Physiological synchrony in conversation"
A PowerLab 26T system from ADInstruments


"Investigation of the anti-schizophrenic properties of early life choline levels in rat models"
Melissa J. Glenn, Colby College
SR-Lab System with Large Enclosures (2 stations) from San Diego Instruments

"Identifying Outcomes and Regenerative Responses to Repetitive Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)"
Dorothy Kozlowski, DePaul University
PAS Open Field with Rearing Frames for Rat (2 Stations) from San Diego Instruments

"Identifying the cognitive enhancing effects of Aniracetam"
Joaquin Lugo, Baylor University
A Gemini Avoidance System and a SR-LAB System with Small/Medium enclosure for mice from San Diego Instruments


“Wound healing and regeneration in Lumbriculus variegates”
Veronica G. Acosta, University of the Incarnate Word
Award of a PowerLab 26T system from ADInstruments and a Nikon Eclipse E400 Microscope

“Effects of Endocrine Disruptors on Cognition and Social Responding”
Adrienne J. Betz, Quinnipiac University
Award of a PAS Open Field with Rearing Frames (2 Stations) from San Diego Instruments and EthoVision XT software from Noldus.

“Investigating the time-course of crossmodal sensory plasticity caused by retinal degeneration”
Michael Jarvinen, Emmanuel College
Award of a Two SR-Lab Systems from San Diego Instruments.


"Exploring Cardiovascular Functioning in Students Engaged in Behavior Changes"
Glena L. Andrews, Northwest Nazarene University
Award of a Powerlab System from ADInstruments.

"Characterizing cognitive deficits in an animal model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)"
Megan St. Peters, Ferrum College
Award of a SR-Lab System from San Diego Instruments.

"The development of a quantitative measure of social motivation for mouse phenotyping"
Loren Martin, Azusa Pacific University
Award of an Anymaze system from San Diego Instruments.

"Effect of environmental enrichment on symptoms of depression and anxiety following brain injury"
Jeff Smith, Saginaw Valley State University
Award of a Rodent Forced Swim Task System from Kinder Scientific.


Robert Flint, College of Saint Rose “Pedagogical Development and Research Advances using the SR-LAB System at The College of Saint Rose” SR-LAB System, San Diego Instruments

Leah Chase, Hope College “Is Homocysteic Acid Neurotoxicity a Model for Schizophrenia?” Kinder Scientific Startle System

Adrienne Betz, Quinnipiac University “Role of caffeine and taurine in anxiety-like behaviors” Photobeam open field activity, San Diego Instruments