Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Virtual Symposium
Registration for NURVS is now closed.

FUN members may download the Final Program, archived here.

FUN hosted NURVS, a virtual symposium that occurred on Sunday, October 25th starting at 2 PM Eastern Time using the Zoom videoconferencing platform. There was no cost to attend the symposium, however all attendees had to register for the symposium to access the virtual sessions.
This virtual event was held in lieu of the FUN Poster Session that typically occurs during the Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting.

Details provided below are for archival purposes.
Symposium Date:  Sunday, October 25, 2020 starting at 2 PM Eastern Time
Symposium Format: Several two-hour virtual sessions focusing on research across subfields of Neuroscience will occur concurrently on October 25. Each presentation will be allotted 15 minutes for a total of eight presentations in each 2-hour session.  During each session, the host will present a prerecorded video (7-8 min in length) that is immediately followed by a live audience-generated question and answer session (6-7 min in length). This blended presentation format was selected to minimize technical difficulties while also providing undergraduate presenters with the opportunity to interact with a live audience. Audience members are encouraged to use the Chat function in Zoom to submit their questions to the session host. To ensure lively and successful sessions, it is anticipated that each presenter will attend their 2-hour session in its entirety. FUN members will serve as session hosts.
Presentation Format: Presenting authors must submit an abstract (300-word maximum) and a 7- to 8-minute pre-recorded video presentation. You may submit a link to a video hosted on a server (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, YouTube, etc.), or you may upload a video using .mp4 or .avi format. Please compress large files.

To produce your video, you may use a free service such as Screencast-O-Matic, which has several helpful tutorials and also can host your video for free. Contact if you have questions or issues with submission.

Note: Please ask your faculty sponsor to volunteer as a session host, and indicate this on the submission form.
Abstract and video submission window: Abstract submission is now closed.
1.  All undergraduate students including those who graduated in 2020 are eligible to present.
2.  Sponsors must be dues-paying members in good standing and are encouraged to attend the virtual meeting. 
3.  Each FUN member may sponsor one presentation; Institutional Members may also sponsor one presentation.
If you have any questions, please contact for more information.
We look forward to seeing all of you on October 25th!

NURVS program committee:
Ron Bayline
Gerald Griffin
Kurt Illig
Hewlet McFarlane
Mary Morrison
Siobhan Robinson